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What is Folk Art Fusion?

Folk art on its own is an art that taps into the history and traditions of different cultures. It is art created by everyday people exploring their communities, life experiences and heritage on a deeply personal basis rather than relying upon formal training in artistic genres.  Folk art is deeply rooted in traditions reflecting the artist’s past, heritage and customs.

The fact that it is described as “folk” art says a great deal. It is art that is created by people and for the people. In the 1700’s and 1800’s folk art described art that was created by craftsmen, laborers and members of the working class. They employed skills they had learned in the trades and used their imaginations to create uniquely beautiful pieces representing everyday life. Their art techniques were usually simple, childlike designs and right colors. These artists were much more concerned with expressing themselves than with accuracy, proportion and realism. They were much more interested in telling stories about everyday life and culture in their simplest forms.

Folk art may include pottery, textiles, or carvings. Many pieces were created with specific cultural meanings and religious events. It is an incredibly rich medium that covers all forms of visual cultural lifestyles and societies. There are no distinctions of class, ethnicity, status, gender or religion.  As a folk artist, I have fused traditional folk art with aspects of modern urban life. My style is simple as I attempt to preserve traditional techniques and at the same time educating the younger generation.

Folk art provides substance to our lives and helps us to understand our world. My goal is to provide stress relief through whimsy and color. When people look at my art I want them to feel calm and happy. This is not an easy feat in today’s harried and harrowing world. Thinking creatively has helped me to learn new, innovative ways of solving problems in art and in life.  Our world contains so many different cultures that folk art fusion can bring us closer together through sharing history and heritage. This encourages the embracing of diversity. Folk art fusion is
definitely art from my heart.   -- Annie Prescott


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