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Why I started Working With Resin

When I first started working with resin, I was looking for something to replace my beloved polymer clay. I knew that I wanted to find a medium where I could continue to make jewelry and put my own spin on design and color mixing. At first, resin was super challenging. The need for precision and accurate measurement was a real necessity, and I was not used to having to deal with that. Another factor was the time element. Resin takes at least twenty four hours to cure, and patience is NOT my strong suit. But I was intrigued. The resin I chose is a two-component system consisting of a resin and a hardener used in equal amounts. When mixed together, a chemical reaction 0ccurs, and the liquid begins to slowly harden into a solid plastic. After complete curing takes place, a very durable, high - gloss product is the end result. I learned very quickly that resin was unlike any medium I have tried. It requires planning ahead, using gloves and sometimes molds. It is not very forgiving. It must be poured on a level surface. Sometimes blocks for my items to sit on is really helpful because the resin pours off the edges. The process is messy and very sticky. I began by making three-dimensional objects in molds but soon graduated to resin paintings, sun catchers and dream catchers. The resin adapted beautifully to my Love This Beach line. The beach sand mixes readily with the liquid resin. Slowly but surely, I have upped my game. I make my own molds and experiment with many inclusions such as alcohol inks, dried flowers, glitter, etc. I love working with resin now because of its endless possibilities! My latest idea is to forage for natural inclusions and embellishments. My newest dream catchers reflect the many beach walks Frank and I have enjoyed, as well as exploring the many local trails. Of course, the most inspiration is right out my balcony door since my studio faces my good friend the Taunton River, which gifts me with mussel shells and rocks. I feel as if I have embarked on a totally new adventure that has many possible paths. I'm ready!

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Jan 14, 2022

good for you AnneMarie. inventing. Exploring. Creating. keep it up!!

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