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Why I Follow the Phases of the Moon

Every morning, I spend some quality time writing in my journal. One of the things I always mention and think about is the seasonal cycle and, most particularly, the phases of the moon. So, I thought this might be a good opportunity to investigate those phases and how they can affect our lives.

The first phase of the moon is known as the New Moon. This is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This is a time of great mystery and anticipation. It celebrates beginnings and clean slates. There is a great hope for the possibilities that a fresh start might promise. The moon itself is not visible at this time since it is suspended in shadow. Many of our plans and dreams are "planted" so to speak. The moon will nurture them as it travels.

The second phase of the moon is the crescent. The moon is waxing steadily. There is a sense of optimism as we begin to develop ideas and plans. This is a time of growing energy.

The silver sliver of the crescent moon is an indication of growth and possibility.

The Third Moon Phase is the Waxing Half Moon. This can be an emotional time, filled with challenge. We deal with external and internal difficulties in a decisive, definite way. This is a time of focus and positivity. It is also a very creative time because we are confident of success.

The Fourth Phase is known as the Gibbous Moon. Energy continues to increase, and the increasing moonlight illuminates our creative dreams clearly. This is definitely the highest point of the "yang" part of the lunar cycle and achievement seems certain.

The Fifth Phase of the cycle is the Full Moon. The moon itself seems to illuminate the night sky with power and intensity. This is the climactic point of our energy, and we have a powerful sense of fulfillment. It is a time for celebration, but the moment passes quickly. We are forced to look at our world in a more objective way.

At this point, the moon begins to wane. This Sixth Phase is called Disseminating. Our energy also begins to dwindle, and we start to feel the need to reassess our ideas and perhaps seek advice from others. This is a more thoughtful, less exuberant time. There is a sense of confusion about the direction we are taking and a need for reevaluation. There is also more of a concern about what might lie ahead.

By the Seventh Phase, our energy is nearly gone. As the moon becomes darker, we withdraw more into ourselves. This is not a time for quick action but for stillness and contemplation. The Waning Half Moon is slowly but surely heading towards darkness.

Finally, we come to the Balsamic or Eighth Phase of Mother Moon. We approach the end of the lunar cycle. Our journey has ended, and it is time to prepare for another one. This is the perfect time for meditation and for opening ourselves to the possibility of new plans. By the way, we are currently experiencing the Waning Crescent Moon. Our next new moon will occur on Monday, May 30, Memorial Day.

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