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The Sun Catcher Saga

In the midst of the winter snow, icy rain, and the steady procession of gray, colorless days, it's easy to feel down in the dumps. This is when I find myself making sun catchers. Bright colors are a dose of sunshine in gloomy weather. I tend to gravitate to the rich jewel tones, vivid purples, reds, pinks. They exude a warmth and sparkle. As I begin mixing resin, I am transported to a brighter world. When I hold my cured piece to the window, I experience my own special sunshine.

Sun catchers are aptly named. They capture light and diffuse color. By adding crystals and prisms, I can create rainbows. My sun catchers are designed to be displayed both indoors and outside. I coat my finished pieces with a UV -resistant clear glaze. This preserves the vibrant color. I always advise customers to reapply this coating if the catcher starts to look dull. This is especially important for outdoor pieces, but it works really well anywhere. Sun catchers possess a certain magic in a garden or an outside deck. I usually choose multicolored glass beads in a variety of shapes and sizes and incorporate them into my design along with wirework.

These additions make the sun catchers sparkle and dance in the wind. I notice that on a particularly ash colored day, I tend to design large, glittery pieces, but the truth is that any size produces the same effect, a feeling of sunshine and cheer. So if the winter grays are getting to you' go on the Anniemara website and choose your bit of summer. Spring is right around the corner, so celebrate it now.

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