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Painting Note Cards

Sometimes when I am working in my studio, I get the urge to play with shapes and colors. That's when I turn to creating note cards. I guess I let my whimsical side take control. I love to sketch outlines of birds, flowers, magical creatures and faces. I don't go in any particular direction; I just draw. After I sketch, I use a liner pen to fix my design. Then I am ready to get lost in color and imagination. I don't follow any rules, and I do a lot of experimenting. This is really so much fun! I get to be impulsive, and yes, even weird for a time. There is nothing more satisfying than splashing color on blank canvas and letting it take control. I have always loved folklore, fables, legends and poetry. These genres all come together and create unique, sometimes surprising paintings. When I am satisfied with the piece, I scan it into my computer and make copies. Then I assemble my cards. I celebrate holidays, acknowledge occasions, and just have fun. Right now, I am fascinated by Native American design as well as literature. When I make a dream catcher, I try to make use of as many natural elements as I can find. I do the same with my paintings. I want to convey a sense of awe and gratitude for Mother Earth's many favors and gifts. Another of my perennial favorites is the Scandinavian gnome. I constantly picture my gnomes doing such different things. This week, they even donned masks for their protection! Faces are always a challenge. I have more than one self-portrait. I try to capture emotions, moods and age.

My faces usually reflect the way I am feeling at any given time. I always leave my note cards blank of sentiments so that they can be used in a variety of ways. I like to think that they make personal statements in a very impersonal retail culture. Please take some time to roam through the gallery and choose some favorites. These are my "feel good" pieces, and I want to share those feelings with you.

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