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I don't always write poetry, but when I do...🍊

According to today is Great Poetry Reading Day and just so you won't think Annie is the only one in this family who can write poetry, I've written one of my own. Roses are red so is ketchup have a cheeseburger Here's Annie's poem for this week. Sweet Baby James I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday and not in the fall of 1969. James Taylor - in an impromptu concert at the UMass pond on a crystal clear burned autumn afternoon I came upon it suddenly, as I wandered back from my folklore class, Sweet Baby James - strumming his guitar and singing of fire and rain. He was just on the cusp of the big time, but he was still a gangly Berkshire boy, immersed in insecurities that he shared with us on that golden afternoon. He had the same doubts and fears we all had but his music set him free. As he offered moments of magic as the sun sank behind him. Sweet Baby James – he had world weary eyes but he sang from his heart of kindness, hope and happiness. I sat on the grass long after he left and the darkness settled around me. I was filled with his soft spoken musical gift and the world was so gentle and free.

We have been getting more "Special Request" orders lately. Annie mixes her own resin and tints end will try to come up with any color you'd like. We also have more than 200 beaches to choose from for Love This Beach Collection items.

What the Frank? Our signs continue to grow in popularity and help this newsletter keep you entertained as well as informed.

Sign 4/18/23 had a Facebook reach of more than 10 million and rocketed us past 9,300 followers!!!!!!

That's it for this week.stay safe and shop small, shop local and shop online (but only small biz). See you on site, the website that is. Frank and Annie

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