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Cinco de Mayo. And that ends our Spanish lesson for today.😁

I finished a major project yesterday and all the updated pics are now on the website. Still a few tweaks to do but we're making progress. If you get a chance, please take a look at and let me know what you think. Mother's Day is just over a week a way. If you're looking for just the right gift, we just might have it. Another month in the rear-view as we head into better weather. Please pass this memo on to Mother Nature, I think she hit the snooze button. Annie made a pilgrimage to New York City last Saturday despite the forecasted rain. That weather inspired this week's poem, and here it is:  New York City in the Rain This was not the gentle shower kissing newborn buds and coaxing them to flower. It was not tiny crystal droplets splashing Central Park into a water color of greens and blues, transforming rough edges into a muted pastel blur, outside the steamy bus windows. No; this was a bitter, angry pelting of rain, smashing the sidewalk, transforming street corners into roiling rivers swirling around the trash-strewn gutters. A few hardy souls braved the barrage, wielding their umbrellas as weapons until the whistling wind ruined them, and they were left for dead in doorways and trash bins. Unforgiving and unmoved, the deluge deepened the premature darkness, delivering debris to the sides of the street, and the shuttered buildings seemed to weep in defeat. I had to remind myself that I love this changeable empire; Storms have their beginnings and ends, But the city and I will persevere.

We're still getting more "Special Request" orders. Annie mixes her own resin and tints end will try to come up with any color you'd like. We also have more than 200 beaches to choose from for Love This Beach Collection items.

What the Frank? Our signs continue to grow in popularity and help this newsletter keep you entertained as well as informed.

That's it for this week.stay safe and shop small, shop local and shop online (but only small biz). See you on site, the website that is. Frank and Annie | 774-488-9844 |

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