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Were You on Cloud 9 during yesterday's 4-20 Festivities?

Our friend here in the pic must have been enjoying 420 day. Meo Kulpa, Mea Kulpa, Mea Maxima Kulpa. I completely forgot to post the sunrise pics last week (and it wasn't due to an early celebration of 420 day) so I'll try again. But, as a charter member of the Procrastinators Society, I'll do it tomorrow. We had a real tease of Summer last week but we're back to Spring this week. We want to remind you that Annie mixes her own resin and tints so if you see an item you like but would like a different color, let us know. An update on our followers; we now have more than 8,400 Thank you to all whether it's via the newsletter or Facebook. Here's Annie's poem for this week. The Singing River The river was singing as I walked down the overgrown path. It was babbling in bubbles and the waves were the crescendo. The song was so happy, so full of faith and freedom. Of course, everyone wanted to share such unbridled bliss. The gulls were swooping, attempting to solo. The wind was whispering, content to hum along. The mourning doves even seemed slightly more cheerful as they chanted from higher ground. Such a great gift to witness in a dawn-dappled audience of one. I closed my eyes and raised my hands saluting the morning mist.

We have been getting more "Special Request" orders lately. Annie mixes her own resin and tints end will try to come up with any color you'd like. We also have more than 200 beaches to choose from for Love This Beach Collection items. What do you think of this #TreeofLife Wind Spinner with #Hummingbirds?

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