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Today is Int'l. Beer Day, let's be BFFs (Beer Friends Forever)

This Monarch butterfly probably won't be partaking in International Beer Day today but I will toast him with one of mine. Annie's poem a little further on in today's newsletter and this painting were inspired by the intrepid, winged traveler

We hate to disappoint customers who request special orders with sand from their favorite beach and we had to do that this week. Please check our list of beaches and, if your favorite is not on that list, there are still plenty of beach days yet to come this year. A third of a small sandwich baggie is plenty of sand (unless you're ordering items for the entire 7th infantry or a large family).

Annie will have 5 of her 8x10 prints on exhibit at The Trescott Street Gallery in Taunton for the "Creatures Great and Small" exhibit starting August 5th - 26th

We have booked our first book signing on Friday Sept. 15th Annie will be talking about "Conversations with a River" and signing copies at the Osterville Village Library in Osterville. We'll be posting more details as we get closer to that date..

We are still looking for suggestions as to where we might have some book signings for "Conversations with a River".If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

Annie went for a short hike at Sweet's Knoll in Dighton, MA this week and was inspired to write this week's poem.

The Mighty Monarch

An intrepid, watchful wanderer

accompanied me as I walked in the knoll.

This was just another stop on his journey

filled with magic and mysterious metamorphosis.

He burst from his sparkling chrysalis

and fed on milkweed to build up his strength.

His paper-thin wings of orange and black

stretched until they were strong and supple,

preparing for the vast adventure ahead.

He is no larger than the palm of my hand,

but he will follow his sun compass for thousands of miles,

defying danger, doubt and difficulty.

And he will not pass this way again.

How much I could learn from this creature, so fearless in his fragility.

He is undaunted and unafraid,

and he humbles me to my core.

He simply lives in each miraculous moment.

And he urges me to do the same.

That's it for this week. Stay safe and shop small, shop local and shop online (but only small biz). See you on site, the website that is.

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