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The Magic of the Dragonfly

Are you aware that dragonflies are symbols for positive change and transformation? If you are lucky enough to see one, it will remind you that you should open up your spirit to light and joy rather than remaining in the darkness of sorrow. Dragonflies use their wings to glide and soar; they encourage you to do the same. If you are fortunate enough to see one sparkling in the sunshine, you will be amazed at its great beauty and iridescence . It reflects the rays of the sun, acting as a natural prism. Dragonflies encourage us to become more creative and adaptable.

Usually dragonflies are found in the vicinity of water. In fact, they spend most of the stages of their lives underwater before they are beckoned by sunlight. Of course, water is also very symbolic of the mystical power of our hidden emotions.

Native Americans have used sketches of dragonflies since ancient times. They are usually depicted as two parallel lines intersected by a thicker line. Symbolizing spring, rebirth, and renewal, they were icons of good luck and change. Most tribes felt that the dragonfly possessed supernatural powers, and it was an unforgivable sin to kill one.

Did you know that the eye of the dragonfly has 360 degree vision, far beyond human capability? They also can hover and fly backwards.

Dragonflies have very short life spans. For that reason they have become symbols of immortality. They develop in stages, from nymph to larva to adult but they only live for about a year. They emerge from the water as adults and are transformed by sunlight.

Dragonflies are mostly positive omens, but I have heard "old wives'" tales warning misbehaving children that dragonflies could sew eyes, mouths, noses, and ears shut. That's why, according to folklore, they were known as "sewing needles" and "devil flies."

If you adopt a dragonfly as your totem or spirit animal, it will invite you to not take life too seriously. It will advise you to be ready for change. It may also warn you that transformation can be painful and difficult. In the end, your dreams will become realities.

"The Dance of the Dragonfly"

It cleanses space with dance

Fire burns like a thousand suns

within its soul... (ancient Celtic poem)

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Apr 15, 2023

I have always loved dragonfly comments aside. This piece is full of joy.

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