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Play Ball

Orange Crush (Baltimore Orioles) at Fenway. Nothing like the sound of the crack of the bat to herald the unofficial arrival of spring. If it were any colder yesterday, they could have been playing snow ball instead of baseball. The Orioles won 10-9 so there will be no beer at Fenway this season since the Sox lost the opener. Since I was late posting this week's sunrise pics for you to vote on, I gave it an extra day. We had a tie and had to go to extra innings. In a burst of power in the 10th inning, last week's "Sunrise pic of the week is March 24th" Even though tomorrow is April Fool's Day, it kicks off National Library Week and National Humor month. It also kicks off National Poetry Month...For Real! So we're going to touch all those bases in this newsletter. In honor of that, I have written a poem of my own: Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and one stinkin petunia Ok, OK, sorry, I couldn't help myself, here's Annie's poem for this week.  So Close It’s so close I can inhale it, but it’s ever elusive as well, the warm caress of springtime, the golden gloss of daffodils, the river sun sparkle. I’m tricked by the tender tease as it beckons my winter world weary soul to finally come out and play. It’s here, and then it’s gone. But it leaves behind a most precious present… a promise that has never been broken.

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