Let's Get Ready for Valentine's Day

Happy New Year...again. Well, week one didn't go as smoothly as I was hoping but I'm staying positive and will not be dragged into this political turmoil. The objective of these newsletters will continue to be to let you know what's going on with us and to keep you smiling.

Valentine's Day comes up in just over a month and Annie continues to work on her painting (check out the Valentine cards a little further on in this newsletter) and poetry. She is not doing as much with clay since it seems to bother her hands so, until the doctors figure out what the hand problem is, clay will be on the back burner.

Here is Annie's latest poem. I wrote one too but she won't let me share it in this family-oriented literary masterpiece.


It's hard to conjure up gray days

when the winking holiday lights are

dancing across the crystal frost

scattering darkness in a star-filled sky

But beautiful baubles cannot last long,

and the river wraps itself in a cloak of gray.

Storm clouds tumble upon one another

in an effort to cover the sun.

The time has come for a winter sleep,

for burrowing down against the ground

next to the seeds of Spring's return.

More good news if you are a football fan. After all the playoff games this weekend, the Patriots will still be undefeated in 2021. That's it for this week.

Happy New Year, stay safe and shop small.

Frank and Annie

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