Kicked to the curb?

Bless me shoppers for I have sinned. It has been almost 6 months since my last blog post. I plan to begin posting on a regular basis and, based on current events, this seems like a great time to begin.

Have you ever heard the term BOPIS? It stands for "buy online, pick up in store" and anyone who has shopped online has probably heard the term before. BOPIS has been attractive to many shoppers who find it to be an effective way to eliminate shipping costs and get your stuff sooner if you live near enough to your favorite online boutique or retailer of any kind.

Being the social animals that we are here at Annie's Unique Boutique, we would love to have you come into our boutique to shop for that unique, fashionable item of clothing or accessory or piece of jewelry or other artwork that Annie so diligently produces here in the store. However, in this current environment of "social distancing" due to Covid-19, we completely understand your reluctance to go shopping in a mall or big box store (if we have 2 customers in the store at the same time, it's a crowd, but it does happen once in a while) so we have added an option for you.

INTRODUCING: BOPAC (yes, I made that up). BOPAC stands for "buy online, pick up at curbside".

We are in the process of adding our new fashions and accessories to the items you will be able to purchase on our website. I hope you will check the website daily as we add the items. I hope to add 10 - 20 items per day until it's all up there. Now, once you've purchased the item(s), next time you're in our hood, pull up to the curb, text us at 774-488-9844 (only when you've stopped driving) and one of us will bring your purchase to you (we won't kick it to the curb, we'll bring it to the curb and gently place it in your anxious little hands). If there are no parking spaces at the curb, park alongside the building in the Post Office parking lot, we'll find you. You could make it a special trip if you're suffering cabin fever from being quarantined, sheltering in place or just haven't felt like getting out of your jammies. Go to the drive-thru at Rise Cafe or Dunkin Donuts just up the street from us and chill while you wait for us to get to your car. Listen to some tunes, munch on a pastry and relax for a great shopping experience.

FYI - I am as tech savvy as Fred Flintstone, we went to Bedrock High together some time before the introduction of this internet and technology thingy. The struggle is real when it comes to anything to do with tecknology (sometimes I can't even spell it right) so I'm always open to suggestions on how I can do things better so, please don't just "Kick me to the curb" if you're having trouble understanding what I'm trying to say or do. Feel free to weigh in with your opinion of what we're doing.

Hope to see you soon.


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