Is Spring Just Around the Corner?

So, are you ready for Spring to make its entrance tomorrow? I'm fully aware that Mother Nature can throw a nasty curveball and still dump on us but, hopefully, she stays on her meds and the worst is behind us.

We have a couple possibilities for locations for an occasional "Pop up" table at local small businesses. It would be similar to a solo craft show where we'd set up a table with some of Annie's jewelry, gifts and artwork including the notecards. We would not be imposing on the business frequently and it could be just once a month or even every other month. During the good weather, we could even set up outside. If you know any small business owners that might be willing to talk to us about it, please let me know.

Here is Annie's poem of the week,

The Winds of March

The March wind is both fickle and whimsical.

It blusters its way through the still skeletal trees,

making the marsh grass shiver

as the river ripples in a rolling dance.

It bites and blisters the fragile snow drops

as they bravely reach for the sun.

And then, without warning,

it breathes a soft sigh

caressing the seedlings with promise and hope.

Gently, it nudges the earth awake with unabashed affection.

The sea gulls swoop on their gliding ride

and the swans seek shelter weaving their knotty nests

That's it for this week, stay safe and shop small, shop local and shop online (but only small biz). Say goodnight Shorty.

Frank and Annie

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