Is Consigning with Annie's Right For You?

We've all been home for a couple of months now and one of the projects you may have finished, or at least started, is to purge your closet. What do you do with the items you no longer love or want to wear? Sure, you can simply throw them away or you could try consigning them and maybe get some of the money back that you paid for them.

Consignment has been a popular alternative for many years and, in addition to the possibility of making some money on the items, also helps the environment by keeping tons of discarded items out of the landfills.

It also works well for the consumer as it saves you money on quality clothing without paying full price. Many people have been shopping consignment for years. Maybe you have consigned elsewhere in the past or maybe you've heard about consigning but just never gave it a try.

There are many different protocols among consignment shops, the following is a copy of our consignment agreement that will also explain our protocols to see if our way of consigning suits you.

Consignment Agreement

Annie’s Unique Boutique in Somerset is not your typical consignment shop and is actually several stores in 1 including unique jewelry hand-made in the store, new women’s fashion and accessories direct from New York City and gift items in addition to high-end women’s clothing on consignment.

Consignment clothing is accepted only on Friday and Saturday between 10 AM and 4 PM by appointment. Due to lack of storage space, clothing is accepted only on a seasonal basis.

We accept women’s clothing with select labels including Chico’s, Talbot’s, Ralph Lauren and other such high-end brand clothing and designer bags from Coach, Michael Kors, Brahmin, Vera Bradley etc. We do not accept shoes, evening wear, formal wear, lingerie, furs or long heavy coats.  If you have any questions on accepted brands or items, please call Annie at (508 243-5428.

Items to be consigned must be brought in on hangers which will be given back to you before you leave the store.  Clothing will not be accepted in bags, plastic or other. Annie will be checking for rips, stains, odors, missing buttons etc. and should be relatively current (bought within the past 2 – 3 years). 

Please pre-screen your items using the guidelines below under Preparing Your Items. Once you have pre-screened your items, you may bring in up to 25 items per week on the days and times previously noted.

Preparing Your Items

Look at the items through the eyes of a customer and ask yourself “Would I buy this item in this condition”?

The basic rule is: The better it looks, the better it sells!

The following guidelines will give your items the best chance to sell for the best price.

Please inspect your items closely. They should be free of wrinkles, stains, rips, holes, fading or excessive wear. Also, any items that have even the faintest smell of smoke or mildew will not be accepted. 

Please be sure zippers work, all buttons are present and all snaps, buttons and zippers should be fastened.

If defects are found on an item after intake, it will be donated without further notice.

Upon acceptance, Annie will tag each item (you don't have to wait while she does that) with a price that is good for 30 days after which the price is reduced by 20%. All items accepted will be put out on the sales floor within 2 days of intake and will remain on the racks for 60 days. At the end of the 60 day period, unsold items will be donated to a local charity.

When an item is sold, 40% of the selling price will be added to your account. You can call or visit the store anytime to check your account. If we owe you money, we will pay it out in cash if we have enough in the register, if not we will cut a check. At any time, you may use a store credit in lieu of a check for the money owed you after an item has sold. If we owe you money, it does not go away after 60 days, if you don’t come in for several months after the end of this agreement, your money will still be here, it is only unsold items that are donated. Annie’s Unique Boutique receives 60% of the sales price.

We will do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or theft.

We look forward to a long and mutually profitable association with you, after all we couldn’t do this without you, our partner in consigning.

As I said before, there are many different protocols used by many different consignment shops. Annie & I hope you will consider giving us a try should you decide to either consign your items or shop resale.

Stay safe & healthy! Annie & Frank

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