Intro to Anniemara

Closing the store, in the right way, has been a lengthy and complex process so I'm a little tardy on this first official newsletter from Anniemara.

Annie has been writing some poetry during her recovery process since she has been unable to make her jewelry. I thought we should kick off this new chapter with one of her poems. This is a poem about waves.

The waves of my river rise

and then fall again

Waves of sparkling joy

and waves of darkest sorrow

Waves of crystalline peace

and waves of foaming discord

Waves that gently caress my feet

and waves that hurtle over me until I am knocked down

They will not fail to return

although I will

They will continue to kiss the river rocks

which are worn but steadfast

Waves (part 2)

Why do they say a wave breaks?

this is so not true

A wave encompasses

it soothes, it spreads

It surrounds the aching shore

bringing it comfort

drenching its dryness

leaving it glistening and refreshed

But does a wave break?

I hardly think so.

I, too, have written poetry. Here is a touching poem about growing old.

Crap, I forgot what it was.

Come on, you didn't think I would stay serious for long. Did you? Sorry, Annie, for busting the serenity.

Annie has been painting more more pics that can be ordered either as blank note cards for the holidays or 8x10 matted prints ready for framing. Cards are $2.99 each or 4 for $10 and the matted prints are $30. See her latest works below.

Because of our website, we are now open 24/7, just like the big boys. I am also doing my impression of Amazon Prime by delivering any items that you order if you live in a 10 mile radius of us here in Camelot. I will ship via USPS if you live further away than 10 miles. Our phone numbers remain the same, 774-488-9844 for me and 508-243-5428 for Annie and, as before, if I'm awake, I answer the phone. You will not receive a recorded message telling you how "important your call is to me, please hold while I speak with a million more customers who called before you" I can also be reached via reply to these emails.

Please bear with us while we work out the kinks of our new systems. We are now internet/technology based and you know me and technology. I studied technology with Fred Flintstone at Bedrock High and things have changed a bit since then.

That's a wrap for this week. In the meantime, stay safe, think big and shop small.

Frank and Annie

PS. What do you think of the background for the signs?

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