International Beer Day

Today is International Beer Day, maybe your cardboard cutout can meet my cardboard cutout at Fenway Park for a virtual beer where we can sing "Sweet Caroline", virtually of course. Annie is in NYC, for real, so she's reading this email right along with you (if she's awake yet).

Annie's trip to NYC got off to a rocky start yesterday when, shortly after the bus left the terminal, they turned around and went back due to "An issue with one of the luggage bays underneath". Apparently, the people who were put down there for social distancing purposes complained that it was uncomfortable so they had to return to the terminal to get a bunch of pillows.

Annie's adventure continues: So I left the store at 5 PM as usual and headed to meet up with an old friend of mine who is restoring a 1935 hot rod. I'm not even out of Somerset yet and Annie calls "we have a problem". What seems to be the problem? I asked. The Hotel Pennsylvania, where she has stayed more than 60 times in the past 6 years has been closed since April with chains on the doors. I just went to their website and booked her room about a week ago and printed out the confirmation (which she brought with her) but she couldn't even get in the door. Looks like this 100+ year old, 1400 room hotel is yet another casualty of Covid 19. PSA!!! DO NOT attempt to book a room online at the hotel Penn, they are not open. Annie went on a hotel hunt and got a room at a Holiday Inn right across the street from one of our favorite Irish pubs in NYC, The Keg Room so Annie was a happy camper last night after all. She still has all day today and half a day tomorrow to see what else can get screwed up. Any predictions?

If anyone has anything you'd like Annie to add to her "wish list" to bring back with her, let me know and I'll text her.

That's a wrap for this week from this son of the beach. In the meantime, stay safe, think big and shop small.

Frank and Annie

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