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If it was easy being a mother, fathers would do it 😁

Updated: Apr 3

Kestrel (seen at sunrise yesterday) is back for the season. A true harbinger of the good weather knocking at our door. Welcome back Kestrel. It's only right that the next few daily signs will be about mom. According to, today is Limerick Day and, as much as I wanted to hit you with one of my limericks, I didn't want to take any focus from Annie's poem this week honoring her Mom for Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day. My Mom, Angela B. Courcier Charrette I used to believe that we needed to protect her, as she took small steps back into the world. My father’s death had been a shattering shock. In moments the world forever changed. She seemed so solitary, lonely and lost. We gathered around her and sheltered her in our grief. We built a safe and happy place under a blanket of love and hope. And we worried. Would she leave us as well? Could we ease her sorrow with our softly spoken love? It was not until much later, when I reached the age of seventy one, the same age she was when she died, that I finally saw the truth. Her strength was fierce and furious, in her relentless desire to shield us as well. She opened her wings and fought for her family. I was too young to see the great gifts that she gave to us. But they are clear to me now, and I love her even more because she put herself aside and nurtured our budding lives.

We're still getting more "Special Request" orders. Annie mixes her own resin and tints end will try to come up with any color you'd like. We also have more than 200 beaches to choose from for Love This Beach Collection items.

That's it for this week.stay safe and shop small, shop local and shop online (but only small biz). See you on site, the website that is.

Frank and Annie

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