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Don't Miss Annie's Poem for Memorial Day 2023

This Memorial Day really snuck up on me. When I started writing this newsletter on Wednesday, I didn't realize that this is Memorial Day weekend. This pic is actually a sunrise pic from last Memorial Day but it is definitely worthy of sharing again this year. If you have to sacrifice by using a detour to get from point A to point B at sometime over the next few days due to a parade, please use the extra time to reflect on the sacrifices made by so many men and women in years gone by. Annie's poem this week is titled simply, Memorial Day, 2023 At one time their eyes were bright and filled with an innocent, intoxicating belief in God, country and their fellow man. They were young, so very young as they crossed the roughest seas as they flew higher than summer seagulls as they marched through deserts and drifting snow toward a vast, often vicious unknown. Some returned, no longer children; their eyes had dulled; their laughter silenced. So many remained behind, thousands of miles from all that they loved, and their eyes saw nothing at all. They are remembered on a single day, the gateway to summer with parades and parties and softly unfurling flags. It’s not enough, but it never could be. They remain unsung, unrecognized heroes; Men and women who cared enough to surrender their youth, their dreams, their lives for those they would never know.

Memorial Day Weekend is also the unofficial kick off to Summer activities of cook outs and trips to the beach. We have sand from more than 200 beaches to choose from for Love This Beach Collection items. If your favorite beach isn't on our list of beaches, get some to us from your next trip to that beach and have Annie personalize something for you.

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