Bye Bye Summer


Just thought I'd show you what you WON"T find here at Annie's.

Enjoy this last day of Summer. I love Fall but hate what comes in just a couple more months. I wasn't amused when I went out at 7AM yesterday and could see my breath (at least I couldn't smell it).

Annie's been working on the 2019 line up of ornaments for the Love this Beach Collection and it will be finalized and on our new website by next week (now the pressure is on ...Annie). Orders are already coming in for ornaments, wine bottle stoppers and jewelry for Christmas gifts.

That's a wrap for this week.

Frank (and Annie)

So, what has Annie been up to?

Some new ornaments will be available in the "Love this Beach Collection". Full details will be in next week's newsletter

New York City Fashions (at Somerset prices)

Don't forget that if you like anything you see in the newsletter, call me at (774) 488-9844 and we'll put it aside for you to pick up or we'll ship it to you.


Are you purging your closet to make room for your new stuff? You have nothing to lose by consigning, you might make a few bucks and, worse case scenario, if it doesn't sell, we donate it to a local charity after 60 days so it's out of your house for good. Email me or Call me at (774) 488-9844 for details.

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