Alexa - Change My Clocks

Your PSA for this week is "Don't forget to "Spring" your clocks ahead tomorrow night". If you're opening this newsletter on the Monday reminder instead of Friday, you may already be late for work.

We'd like to try and set up an occasional "Pop up" table at local small businesses. It would be similar to a solo craft show where we'd set up a table with some of Annie's jewelry, gifts and artwork including the notecards. We would not be imposing on the business frequently and could be once a month or every other month. During the good weather, we could even set up outside. If you know any small business owners that might be willing to talk to us about it, please let me know.

Annie got her first covid vaccine dose on Monday in Dartmouth and the 2nd is already scheduled. I got my 2nd dose on Saturday so we're in good shape (for the shape we're in) on that front.

Many of you have said how much you enjoy Annie's poems but, just so you don't confuse her with the real Poet Laureate of Somerset (Me), here is my latest offering:

The sun is out

The sky is clear

I'm here drinking coffee

Wish it were beer.

OK, OK here is Annie's poem of the week,

The First Crocus

I saw it just this morning

as I pulled on my gloves against the cold

a purple crocus, peeking shyly through the brown grass

tiny and perfect, it reached for the sun

and drank in the morning mist.

An intrepid warrior,

undaunted by the still bitter wind

and the frozen face of the sleeping earth,

it ignited the barren landscape

in its bravery and desire.

When I bent down to look more closely

I saw it was accompanied by friends.

These tenacious harbingers of springtime

made my heart ache with hope.

That's it for this week, stay safe and shop small, shop local and shop online (but only small biz). Say goodnight Shorty.

Frank and Annie

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