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Somerset, MA 02726

Tel:  (774) 488-9844


Mara means “the sea” in Scottish Gaelic and reflects Annie’s love of the sea, oceans, beaches and, now, the Taunton River.


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Those of you who have been acquainted with my jewelry know that Frank and I have had quite a creative journey.  Beginning with the studio at The Narrows Center for the Arts, we finally had our own unique space.  Prior to that, we did tackle many craft shows, but my time was largely taken up by teaching English at Durfee High School in Fall River.  After my retirement, I was able to commit so much more time to my art, and we really began to grow.

About Us

         After 4 ½ years at the Narrows, we opened our store on County St. in Somerset.  Not only was I able to have a studio space there, but we branched out to consignment and new clothing as well.  We were in this space for eight years before we were forced to close because of the Pandemic.  Frank created a beautiful studio space and he developed our website.

         In some ways, I guess we have returned to our roots, but my art has evolved so much that it seems very unique and original.  We no longer do any craft shows but work totally from the website.  I continue to experiment with different mediums and now work primarily with resin and weaving, as well as painting.  We are still growing and redefining our company, which is now known as Anniemara (Annie by the sea).  Pretty fitting since my studio overlooks the Taunton River, right?

Our adventure continues to be reinventive and transformative.  As the Grateful Dead sang “What a long, strange trip it’s been”.     -- Annie

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