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Mara means “the sea” in Scottish Gaelic and reflects Annie’s love of the sea, oceans, beaches and, now, the Taunton River.


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Anniemara is the smallest of small businesses, with only Annie and Frank Prescott as owners, and no employees.  It was founded in 1998 while Annie was still teaching high school English. Upon retiring after a 35 year career, Annie rented a studio as a resident artist at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River MA in 2008.
In 2012, we opened a women's boutique a mile from our home in Somerset, MA.  The boutique was closed in November 2020 after a sharp decline in customers visiting the boutique due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
Annie now has a beautiful, inspirational studio overlooking the Taunton River.
We have transitioned to online and craft shows only.

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